A healthy human body is a remarkable creation. Given an ideal diet

and lifestyle, it functions almost flawlessly, easily fighting off

challenges, repairing and rebuilding cells, producing abundant energy

and performing the tasks we ask of it without much complaint.


It is a picture that disappears as we take ourselves for granted. We

miss the signs of emerging ‘unwellness’ – problems that can manifest

in a variety of ways. I treat the spectrum of these problems - acute,

chronic and epidemic – irrespective of age including, for example:


• skin disorders

• digestion concerns

• hormone imbalance

• brain and spine function

• immune system function and energy levels

• post-trauma matters

• healthy ageing

• children’s health and wellbeing


Typically an initial consultation lasts 90 minutes for adults – 60 minutes

for children – so that I can understand your story in detail. Follow-up appointments generally take 30 minutes and are supplemented by

telephone support as needed.


Importantly, the treatment process helps people to become more

aware of their particular patterns, steering them to manage their own

health with minimal intervention.